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Privacy Policy


Our clients are our stamina and to protect their privacy is our preference. We offer extreme security to our client’s privacy to make them devoted. It is not only our official duty but also an ethical commitment. We give due significance to this commitment so that our customers can easily buy products from us with the confirmation of the safety of their details.

This privacy policy section will aware the clients about how their data is compiled, maintained, and safety is ensured.

1. Significant information related to privacy

A data privacy manager is hired to protect your privacy. He will be responsible to resolve any of your interrogations related to your privacy. Clients have knowledge about their data collection, maintenance, and safety to make them aware of their privacy protection.

2. Contact details

Here are the contact details for any query.

The full details of Floor Safety Direct are:

Company number:



+44 20 3290 5080

Data Privacy Manager:

Stoyanvov Todor

Email address:


Postal address:

29 Southey Road
London, England, SW9 0PD

3. How the data will be obtained?

Data is obtained by using different procedures.

A) Direct interaction

The data is collected directly from customers when they are filling in particular documents or through email, post, phone, feedback, checkout, or any other investigation, etc.

B) Automated interaction

In this technique, the technical data and browsing actions or patterns are obtained automatically.

4. Goal to collect data

We compile data for processing purposes only. The data is not shared with anyone. The data is disseminated for your concern and with your permission keeping in view the UK law. The data is only shared with those institutions which are overseeing on our behalf. The institution with which we share your data are given below:

  • Credit reference agencies
  • IT support
  • Marketing communications agencies
  • Couriers
  • Market analytic service providers
  • Payment providers
  • Market research service providers
  • Direct marketing communications consultants

5. Technical data

A )The providers of search information (Google-based)

b) The networks of advertisement

c) Google Analytics (based outside the EU)

Transaction, contact, and Financial Data from the providers of delivery, payment, and technical services (Pay Pal based inside the EU)and Contact Data and Identity from Public sources (Electoral Register inside the EU)

6.Transferring information outside the EEA

Several institutions which are providing us assistance are present in European Economic Area (EEA). Some organizations are located outside European Economic Area, so your personal information is transferred outside the EEA by agreeing with the laws. We pledge that clients’ information will be used only for legal requirements by these service providers.

7. Cookies

Cookies are the documents that grab and collect the information of different guests to our website. Different types of cookies are used for analytical functions. Cookies are used for timely marketing purposes. Customers have the right to approve or dismiss cookies.

8. Legal advisors

Data is shared for processing only. The third party that deals or processes your data complies with information protection law.

9. Third parties

Your data can be shared with the following third parties for your concern:

a) Service providers as processors in EEA or outside. They offer IT services, system administration, web services, enhancement services, and accounting services.

b) Credit agencies based in the UK as processors. They process your data to assess you for credit.

c) HNR&C, regulators, and other authorities based in the UK need reports of certain circumstances’ processing activities.

d) Legal advisors work as processors and joint controllers, including bankers, lawyers, insurers, auditors, and consultants based in the UK. They offer legal services, consultancy, banking, and accounting services.

10. How we use your private information

Private details are exclusively used according to UK law. We use your information only in the following situations.

a) For our legitimate interests, but the violation of laws is strictly forbidden.

b) Your data is used where accepting with a regulatory and legal commitment is crucial

c) For agreement

11. How we conserve your information

We are a driving and a protected team that is working ambitiously to preserve your private information. We use reasonable measures to preserve customers’ data that they give us. The information is secured by a secure socket layer (SSL) system. Firewalls obstacle unauthorized reach to our servers based in a secure location.

12. Alterations to our privacy policy

The improvements in our privacy policy will be updated for convenience. We established the policy by keeping in sense the laws and regulations according to UK law. For any concern, you can contact us.

13. Information Commissioner Office (ICO)

Customers have the right to complain to Information Commissioner Officer if they find anything false related to the privacy policy or they faced any illegal actions related to privacy. But we advise them first to make the issue clear by notifying us firstly. So that the problem can get settled.

Information Commissioner’s Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane

Wilms low



Phone: 020 8133 3793(national rate)

Email: casework@ico.org.uk